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How to ensure the precision in the process of high speed glu

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The glue dispenser has a wide range of use, which can be used in electronic parts, mobile components, LED energy-saving lamps, integrated circuits and other products. For convenience, there are many kinds of dispensing machine. One of them is high-speed dispensing machine. From the name, we can see that dispensing speed of high-speed dispenser is faster. So is there any way to ensure the precision of the glue when using the high speed glue machine to make the glue work?
Desktop three axis automatic glue dispenser
The general high speed dispensing machine is composed of hardware and software, the software includes start-up mode, automatic mode, control system, counting system and other components; and the hardware including dispensing valve, pressure barrels, guide, controller, LCD touch screen, power switch button, counters and other components. The control system is the core part of the high-speed dispensing machine. When the glue dispensing is done, the control system of the high-speed precise dispensing machine can ensure the accuracy of dispensing. Before using the glue dispenser, it is necessary to adjust the glue parameter according to the requirement of the glue, so that the glue can be easily done.
Desktop high speed precision glue dispenser
In addition to the control system can guarantee the precision of the high speed glue dispenser, the distance between the pinhead and the workbench before use can also improve the precision of the dispensing. But it is easy to deviate in debugging, which will affect the production quality of the product. It can be adjusted according to the thickness of the product when adjusting the distance between the needle and the worktable.
Desktop high speed precision glue dispenser
The above two methods can be used to ensure the precision of the glue. After using the high-speed dispensing machine, the suitable detergent can be selected for cleaning according to the properties of the glue used. It can extend the service life of the highly dispensing machine and facilitate the next use.

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