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Is the instant glue dispenser suitable for high speed precis

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The solidification rate of the instant dry glue is faster. In the process of the glue, it is easy to make the solidification phenomenon in the needling needle, so that the glue needle is blocked and the glue work is affected. There are many kinds of dispensing machines. One of them is high-speed precise dispensing machine. Dispensing machine has faster dispensing speed and higher dispensing accuracy. Can the instant glue work in a high speed precision dispenser?
Instant glue
The high speed precision glue machine is equipped with stepping motor, which can improve the speed of glue in the process of glue. It is suitable for the use of instant dry glue. But in the use of instant glue dispensing work, need to use teflon dispensing needle with dispensing work. Teflon dispensing needle with a layer of Teflon pipe using production, not instant glue dispensing in appeared in the process of solidification phenomenon and dispensing machine in the dispensing process will not scratch the appearance of the product, can guarantee the production quality of products.
Stepping motor for glue dispenser
In the selection of Teflon needles need to select the appropriate diameter according to the size of the needle used, to avoid inappropriate amount of glue dispensing effect of production in the use of high-speed dispensing machine. To select the suitable Teflon dispensing needle after first check the use of instant glue quality is qualified, if it is found that the impurities with the glue, the best time to change, to avoid in the dispensing glue dispensing work of impurities clogging.
High speed precision dispensing machine is based on the control system for dispensing, dispensing accuracy is relatively high, to achieve point, line, circle, arc and irregular curve, for high speed precision dispensing machine is wide, in addition to the use of instant glue, can also use the red glue, silicone rubber, epoxy resin, shadowless glue, adhesive etc..

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