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What effect does the working environment have on the precisi

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There are a lot of factors with the dispensing accuracy of a relationship, each kind of factors have different effects on the degree of precision dispensing, dispensing valve and dispensing needle will directly affect the use of dispenser dispensing accuracy, and other factors will affect the effect of dispensing, working environment is a factor in the environmental impact is also divided many different aspects of the use of the best dispensing machine can reduce the influence of these factors.
Small metal dispensing needle
The environmental impact is the influence of temperature, humidity effect and environment clean degree, the dispensing accuracy is still a little effect, especially the high speed dispensing experiment silicone dispensing in the electronics industry, high precision dispensing is environmental impact will be obvious, the working environment is mainly the influence to properties of glue, silica gel high speed dispensing machine to strengthen the intensity of environmental factors need to remove silica gel.
Compound jetting valve
How to choose the dispensing machine is to improve the effect of dispensing, dispensing machine is used in order to improve the quality of products, the factors should be excluded dispensing adverse environmental impact, are able to solve, as long as a waste of time every week, add some configuration, it can solve this problem. High speed glue dispensing effect is good.
High silica gel dispensing machine can generally to 40 degrees at 0 DEG C below 0 DEG C can be used to glue, we need to control the temperature in the range of reasonable dispensing, the best control in dry air humidity range, so as not to affect the dispensing accuracy, the working environment is clean clean degree problem. High speed silicone glue dispensing accuracy is very high, to solve these problems will affect the precision of dispensing.
Double position silica gel high speed glue dispenser
Each dispenser needs to be maintained and maintained, and the method used is correct. Silica gel dispenser can be used for a long time, which can reduce many costs for enterprises.

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