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Is instant glue suitable for automatic high speed glue dispe

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Instant glue is very common in the life of the glue, such as a 101 yuan a glue, which is instant glue, instant glue the characteristics of instant solidification, will not exceed a maximum of two seconds and solidification, very strong, so the high-speed automatic dispensing machine for instant glue is very good you can save a lot of time.
Quick dry glue,
Instant glue in the dispensing process is very suitable for high-speed automatic dispensing machine, especially the production line dispensing with high-speed automatic dispensing machine with instant glue is very suitable for work, such as room accessories, auto accessories etc. can be applied, however, a better effect of cyanoacrylate glue using Teflon dispensing point because the needle, Teflon dispensing needle is the need for maintenance, in order to avoid the use of a Teflon needle accelerated life consumption
Teflon dispensing needle
There are a lot of instant dry glue applied in the industry, such as lighting industry, automobile industry, furniture industry, used in the dispensing with high-speed automatic dispensing the opportunity to greatly increase the dispensing efficiency, as the lighting industry has a dispensing, light is completely made of organic glass composition, each piece of glass is the use of instant glue and for dispensing with Teflon in dispensing the thimble using high-speed automatic dispensing machine, can greatly increase the speed and the quality of dispensing
Large automatic high speed glue machine
After the product end point of instantaneous dry glue, to carry out maintenance and cleaning of high-speed automatic dispensing machine, glue on the top of the drop in the process of cleaning check table if there is high speed dispensing dispensing, if timely cleaning, in order to avoid the next automatic dispensing machine body, causing imbalance the problem, big mistake led to a high speed dispensing quantity etc..

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