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How to solve the problem of needle clogging in automatic hig

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The traditional dispensing in the era of rapid development gradually out of touch, so most links are used in the dispensing package of high-speed automatic dispensing machine, automatic dispensing machine is a common dispensing equipment, suitable for dispensing links in most industries, with the characteristics of high speed, so in terms of market popularity rate is higher high speed automatic dispensing machine will also encounter common problems such as needle clogging, solve the common problems can help the user to better achieve the purpose of high speed dispensing.
Large automatic high speed dispensing machine
Automatic dispensing machine for high-speed dispensing work all the time, so the use of glue quantity and demand is very high, the viscosity of the glue is a need to pay more attention to the problem, when the heating device for processing glue to keep up with the actual work, will not easily processed into normal glue production processes, high viscosity, easy cause this is a needle plug, often ignored by users, so the automatic dispensing to control dispensing speed, continuing high speed dispensing, the need to finish before work.
Floor type large high speed dispenser
When the high-speed automatic dispensing machine is easy to run into the air holes when the body, in addition to the effects of glue properties is the most important foreign body into the problem, when the user does not pay attention to it is easy to accumulate to filter the needle caused serious congestion, in addition to timely solve the sealing problem, but also to open the valve timing cleaning filter.
Dispensing needles with different specifications
The needle diameter depending on demand, when the needle is too small to affect the high-speed dispensing effect, in addition to the dispensing diameter is too small can not reach the effect for glue is too small easy to cause accumulation, select suitable to solve the needle needle aperture blockage, such as medium to large needle needle.

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