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How to select the suitable dispensing needle for the desktop

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The selection of dispensing needle needs to be based on many factors to select the needle suitable for the industry. Different industries will select the suitable dispensing needle according to the glue characteristics. For example, the clutch dispensing needle is selected for glue injection, which is convenient for the two-component dispensing machine to control the amount of glue, and the selection method of dispensing needle for different industries. It's different.
Stainless steel dispensing needle
The first method of needle selection
How to select dispensing needles for desktop dispensers will facilitate dispensing? First of all, we need to know what industry to use, what type of glue to use and what kind of glue to dispense, and then analyze, we can get the scope of use of the needle, and then choose the most appropriate needle, such as: two-component glue injection machine in the clutch, need to use two-component glue, dispensing glue Needs are not high, dispensing needle selection should be biased toward a two-component glue, and then according to the glue consistency to choose Static needle or dynamic needle, which is the most appropriate choice of dispensing needle, desktop dispensing machine in automotive transmission dispensing needle selection can also be such a choice.
Plastic dispensing needle
Second ways to select needles
Above is the first choice, and the second way is to select dispensing needle according to dispensing accuracy, if the desktop dispensing machine in the automobile transmission dispensing accuracy of 0.2 mm, which dispensing needle selection diameter of 0.1 mm, dispensing effect is just right, dispensing will not appear deviation, this is the point. The second method of selecting glue needles, some are relatively fixed, such as: clutch glue injection using two-component glue injection machine, the use of two-component glue is basically the choice of mixing pipe, only the size of specifications, and desktop dispensing machine is more flexible, more suitable for many industries dispensing.
PP dispensing needle
Third ways to select needles
The first is to select the dispensing needle according to the consistency of the glue, the second is to select the needle according to the size of the glue point, and the third is to select the dispensing needle according to the glue performance, some glue is relatively special, such as fast-drying glue, instant-drying glue, 502 glue, must use a product called Teflon material to make is not only not good but also bad. The problem of poor curing of glue will occur, and the accuracy of dispensing will not be affected. Three methods of selecting dispensing needles need attention, so as to be able to choose to meet the requirements of dispensing machine.

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