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High speed glue dispensing machine drawing

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There are white as a medicinal but also as for industrial production, it should be noted to distinguish, also known as white latex adhesive glue used in industrial production, is a kind of polyvinyl acetate adhesive with high bonding strength, high durability is often used in industrial adhesives, high-speed dispensing function application for dispensing glue, sometimes prone to drawing process so, this is what causes? The following through the relevant information to help you solve this common problem.
Three axle high speed dispenser
1. dispensing too fast
This is the common problems of application of high speed dispensing machine, high-speed dispensing machine implementation is to eliminate the time interval to achieve rapid dispensing purposes, so reducing efficiency can achieve the effect of dispensing normal, preferably in the use of glue before debugging can adjust parameters adjustment in normal working gap can not solve the problem of drawing the work will also affect the coherence.
AB double fluid high speed dispenser
2. the glue is too sticky
The effect of curing glue after instant glue dispensing needle, outflow slowly began to solidify, so it is easy to start high speed dispensing needle reversing pull pull high speed curing, easy to affect the normal process of rubber thread out problem, the solution is to complete the commissioning work, glue viscosity control by slow heating to estimate the ideal viscosity test not because of the tension, the problems caused by drawing.
Microcomputer high speed dispensing machine
3. not working at room temperature
White is a kind of curing material, so can not be placed in the moist environment preservation, if in a moist environment to save water to dilute the influence of air viscosity, including sealing measures to do well, long-term exposure to air is easy to volatilize glue. When the glue in the normal storage environment of 5 degrees Celsius, to take out after a period of adaptation will not reduce viscous drawing problems due to high speed dispensing.

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