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What are the reasons for the shortage of dispensing equipmen

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  There are many dispensing problems caused by insufficient glue supply, such as leak point, uneven glue discharge, inconsistent glue point, and influence of dispensing counterpart. However, there are some reasons for insufficient glue supply in circular vision dispensing machine. Then in the process of applying circular vision dispensing machine, what causes glue supply failure? Question of foot?
Dispensing machine insufficient glue supply

  Causes of insufficient supply of glue

  1. The quality of the encapsulating adhesive used for bulb lamp is not good, and the impurities affect the glue effect.

  The use of bulb lamp filling gum quality is the greatest problem affecting the effect of bulb lamp adhesive dispensing. If in the production process of circular visual dispensing machine, the impurities in the glue are easy to plug the dispensing needle, resulting in the glue shortage of dispensing production problems, affecting the quality of bulb lamp adhesive dispensing packaging.
Circular vision dispensing machine

  Two. The sealing effect of the circular vision dispensing machine is not good.

Circular visual dispensing sealing ring can play a lot of sealing effect, prevent in the process of dispensing bulb lamp, should not be sealed well, resulting in pressure barrel, dispensing needle bulb lamp filling glue solidification, glue shortage and other production problems, affecting the normal conveyance of glue circular visual dispensing machine, before use through Inspection of circular visual dispensing machine can avoid the problem of insufficient glue supply due to poor sealing.
Pressure bucket

  Three. Pressure ball buckets are not enough.

  If the glue is not supplied in time, it is easy to lead to the glue shortage of the dispensing machine, thus affecting the quality of bulb lamp dispensing production. Whenever the round vision dispensing machine bulb lamp filling glue quickly used up, it is best to inject glue in time, in order to prevent the dispensing machine glue shortage problem.

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