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Which glue is better for flat screen viscose?

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  Flat screen adhesive has a very high requirement for adhesive quality. If the quality of flat screen adhesive is not up to standard, it will easily affect the full screen adhesive technology. Flat screen adhesives in addition to the quality of adhesive bonding requirements, the strength of the adhesive used is also higher, but in the dispensing market there are many adhesives adhesive effect is very good, so in the process of flat screen adhesives, which adhesives will be better bonding effect?
Flat screen viscose

  Which glue is better for flat screen viscose?

  Flat screen viscose is a high-precision production and processing links, in the production process can choose ultraviolet glue to complete dispensing production. Ultraviolet glue can also be called UV glue, shadowless glue and so on, the glue bonding effect and quality are very good, and this glue in contact with ultraviolet light in the process of rapid solidification will occur, in the flat screen glue link application can ensure the quality of glue bonding. But in the use of tablet dispenser work, need to pay attention to the nature of ultraviolet glue, avoid dispensing problems in the use of the process.
UV glue

  Problems needing attention in the use of tablet dispensers

  Tablet computer dispensing machine is mainly used in the flat screen adhesive links, this dispensing machine full screen adhesive technology is very good, in the flat screen adhesive links can effectively improve the dispensing adhesive efficiency and production quality. Ultraviolet glue is used in the bonding process of flat screen. If the UV glue is exposed to ultraviolet light, it is easy to solidify the glue in the dispensing machine of the tablet computer, which affects the normal work of the product and the bonding quality of the flat screen.
Tablet dispenser
  Ultraviolet glue can effectively improve the adhesive quality in the flat screen adhesive links, while the tablet computer dispensing machine is an intelligent production equipment, which can improve the adhesive efficiency when working.

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