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What kind of glue do you need to use for mobile phone glass

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  Intelligent dispensing equipment will be used to dispensing work in the bonding of mobile phone glass cover plate and screen. The glue will be applied to mobile phone products by dispensing machine. There are many kinds of glue on the market, but not every glue is suitable for mobile phone products. Then the glue is applied to mobile phone screen. Which glue can be applied to the process of glass cover bonding?
Glass cover bonding

  Mobile phone products are dispensed with glue.

  Optical adhesives are generally transparent and odorless. Most optical adhesives are non-toxic and easy to operate. In the process of cell phone screen bonding, glass cover bonding, the use of optical adhesive can play a very good bonding effect, this glue does not need any assistance, in the general environment will be cured, so suitable for the application of this glue dispensing valve and dispensing machine are more, but the current mobile phone production is a Seiko equipment. Therefore, the selection of dispensers and accessories should not be careless.
Visual dispensing machine

  Visual glue dispenser for glass cover bonding

  After the previous brief introduction, we can understand that the use of optical adhesives for mobile phone screen bonding, glass cover plate bonding can improve the quality of product bonding and fixation. Although the use of optical adhesives for dispensing demand is not very high, but for mobile phone screen bonding, glass cover plate bonding and other high demand dispensing industry, in the selection of dispensing accessories and equipment. The aspect is careless. CCD vision system is installed in the visual dispensing machine, which can improve the dispensing positioning accuracy and production efficiency when applied in the production of mobile dispensing.
Mobile phone screen bonding
  When optical glue is used in cell phone screen bonding and glass cover bonding, attention should be paid to the selection of dispensing machine and accessories.

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