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Is there any way to solve the problem of syringe leakage?

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  In the process of dispensing, the glue leakage of needle will affect the quality of dispensing production, and will have a great impact on the overall production of products. However, the problem of glue leakage caused by needles have reasons, so in the process of dispensing products, what factors will cause high-speed dispensing machine needle glue leakage problem, and what good way to solve the glue leakage problem of injection needles?
Needlehead leakage

  Factors causing gel leakage of injection needle

  There must be a lot of reasons for the glue leakage of the injection needle, so let's analyze it from the most common ones. The most common causes of glue leakage of injection needles are poor sealing of injection needles, production problems of injection machine manufacturers, damage of needles and so on. When these problems are applied in the work of high-speed dispensing machine, other problems will arise, resulting in the emergence of defective product dispensing. Are there any good ways to solve the problem of glue leakage?
Glue injection needle

  Solution for rubber leakage of needles

  Previous analysis of the introduction of three relatively easy to cause glue leak needle three reasons, then now to introduce what can be solved in the high-speed dispenser glue injection needle glue leak problem. Because the cause of glue leakage of the needle is different, so the solution is also different. If the problem of glue leakage of the injection needle is caused by the poor sealing performance of the injection needle, the first thing to check out is that part of the reason, in the replacement solution; if it is because of the production problems of the injection machine manufacturers, you can inject glue. Machine manufacturers feedback, processing and so on.
Needlehead leakage
  If it is because of high-speed dispensing needle needle damage caused by glue injection needle leakage, it is best to replace the use of new glue injection needle to prevent glue leakage problems affecting product quality.

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