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What kinds of encapsulating glue are often used?

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  Bulb lamp filling glue refers to the glue used in the bulb lamp dispensing links, but in the dispensing market, there are many types of glue, in these types of glue, some of the glue can be used in LED bulb lamp dispensing links, then in these dispensing links, which glue will be used as a commonly used bulb lamp filling. Types of glue?
Ball bulb filling sealant

  Two component epoxy resin encapsulating glue

  General market glue can be divided into single component glue and two component glue or mixed glue, then small braid from the two types of glue are introduced separately. First of all, say two-component glue, epoxy resin glue in the electronics, LED industry is more widely used, but also a more common two-component glue, in the application of bulb dispensing links can play a very good corrosion resistance, anti-aging and other effects, is a more commonly used bulb filling glue, but in use Before dispensing bulb lamp with circular dispensing machine, it is necessary to pay attention to the problem of insufficient glue supply and avoid the problems of glue leakage and drip.
Two component epoxy resin sealant

  One component silica gel

  In the single component of this glue column, silicone gel has the characteristics of heat dissipation, high temperature resistance, insulation and so on, making this glue has become the most commonly used bulb lamp filling glue. In the process of bulb lamp dispensing silica gel, the amount of glue and working parameters are set through the teaching box in the circular dispensing machine. Although the circular dispensing machine is a kind of intelligent equipment, it is easy to cause glue shortage if glue is not injected into the dispensing pressure barrel in time, thus interrupting the bulb dispensing work, affecting the subsequent work flow, so it is best to inject glue in time when the silicone glue in the pressure barrel of dispensing machine is quickly used up.
One component silica gel
  The above two kinds of glue are based on the single component and two components to introduce the bulb lamp filling glue, but in these two types of glue operation is different, then in the bulb lamp dispensing process, it is best to operate according to the glue properties used.

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