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Is soft needle convenient for high speed dispensing machine?

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The dispensing machine is a special application of electronic industry. Now, the dispensing machine technology has been developing with science and technology, more and more parts dispensing machine configuration, can use the dispensing mode change, from the beginning to the stainless steel needle needle now, and then to use the soft needle now, the machine can also speed dispensing great promotion, also known as the high speed dispensing machine.
Two position high speed dispenser
High speed dispensing machine using soft needle is a good, because the dispenser is dispensing in the electronics industry, now the electronic device is very small, and the components on the circuit board are rough, very easy to use stainless steel needle scraping device, and dispensing dispensing speed over open, so the intensity will be relatively large, gently scratch, circuit board was damaged.
Three axis high speed dispenser
Now to the high speed dispensing machine accessories soft needle can reduce this problem, but it is good of course is harmful, this soft needle like disposable needles, because it is so soft, the suction valve is difficult to recycle a lot of glue, glue residue in soft needle, so it will cause the glue plug, use high speed the dispensing environment every day is need to configure a new soft needle.
The cost of this soft needle needs to be very low, so enterprises can consider buying high-speed dispenser, which can improve the production speed of enterprises, but also conducive to the development of enterprises.
Hot melt adhesive high speed dispenser
How to use high speed dispensing needles are to be considered practical, choose the best scheme, so as to produce the best quality products, all in production as the main target, is not conducive to high speed dispensing machine production enterprises will choose nothing better.

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