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Do you understand the way to speed up the flow of glue?

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How does the glue flow control mode operate? If you do not know how to debug, it is impossible to carry out the advanced dispensing function, the basic speed of glue debugging or will be, otherwise how to operate the dispensing equipment? The stability of glue discharge has a very important relationship with the design of glue flow rate. How to adjust the glue flow rate?
Sixaxis Controler
手柄控制器 Control of glue filling process
Using LED wall washing machine for wall washing lamp glue filling, glue flow rate to control large, in fact, glue filling process is said to be glue control technology, if a stable control in an industry, there will certainly be a lot of problems, and even lead to wall washing lamp glue failure, quality problems, although the production of LED wall washing lamp glue filling machine technology It is very important, but there is no way to control the glue flow rate, which will lead to glue can not meet the requirements of glue filling, which is why before using glue filling machine, to learn the operation steps of glue filling process.
Dispensing controller
Air pressure control affects glue flow rate.
Glue flow rate control used to dispensing controller and dispensing valve, dispensing controller is relatively simple to use, because the filling will have a rated pressure value, so debugging is relatively simple, the pressure value is 5-7 mm / sec, filling glue will generally be used to 7 sec, wall lamp used glue is thicker, and dispensing valve debugging is not so Simple, need to design fine-tuning device, test glue concentration and so on, after several rounds of testing, for the wall-washing lamp glue filling effect will be some, LED wall-washing lamp glue filling machine is used, glue speed adjustment is also the case, there is no diameter to walk.
Two liquid filling valve
Instructions for dispensing valve operation
Glue flow rate debugging as above, dispensing valve and dispensing controller basic operation in the manual is described in detail, the use is relatively simple, combined with the above two points, and then dispensing can be done, debugged LED wall lamp glue filling machine, glue stability is quite high, glue filling process is fully realized, the overall operation is coherent. Sex is relatively tight, and it is not a very difficult technical problem.

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