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What are the reasons that affect the bonding quality of glue

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Flat screen glue will be used to glue, use glue to meet the requirements of use, otherwise it will affect the quality of bonding, which is a high-precision dispensing industry, a little bad effect will be infinitely magnified, directly affect the bonding effect of products, the use of exclusive machines, that is, to meet the conditions of product production, this is the case. It is the factor of stable bonding quality.
Type of glue
绿色针筒 The screen usually uses two kinds of glue, silica gel and hot melt glue. Because of the particularity of the two kinds of glue, there are greater requirements for the dispensing equipment used. It needs to have an independent dispensing valve to complete the dispensing requirements. For example, hot melt glue needs to be heated to dispensing, and tablet computer dispensing machine needs to dispensing. It is necessary to install heater to ensure the bonding quality. Amber dispensing syringe can not be used for dispensing, and melting will occur.
Method of using glue
Amber dispensing syringe is more in line with the requirements of UV glue. First, amber ring wall can block ultraviolet rays. Second, the cost of dispensing syringe is very low. Third, the operation is simple. This is the unique feature of dispensing syringe. The use of dispensing valve is not so easy, such as silica gel, need to install dispensing bucket, and debugging point. Adhesive valve intake, although the machine can be adjusted, but each parameter must be tested by itself, so that the effect can meet the expected requirements. Adhesive on high-end flat screen is not such a simple matter, in addition to using tablet dispenser, but also need to have certain operating technology, so that we can make an appointment. The quality of viscose will meet the requirements.
双头点胶机 In the bonding tablet computer dispensing machine, also belongs to a large dispensing machine, the length and width are relatively large, this is a double Y-axis desktop dispensing machine, larger than the general desktop dispensing machine, but also a customized machine, if you want to ensure the quality of bonding, choose a medium-sized tablet computer dispensing machine that meets your needs. Come on.

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