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Automotive transmission dispensing is the most important link in automobile dispensing industry, because young people are demanding more and more for cars at present, so it is very important to select the core dispensing technology for automobile transmission dispensing. This is the different effect of machine selectivity. Selection of dispensing needle is very important for dispensing seals. It helps a lot.
Dispensing is needed for automobile parts.
The automotive industry is a dispensing industry which is more widely used, such as automotive glass, clutch, automotive parts, transmission and so on. It is basically able to dispensing industry, but the dispensing opportunities for each part are different. The dispensing of automotive transmission requires the use of two-component glue injector, which is more in line with the needs of production. The transmission is related to the type of glue, and then the dispensing needle is more suitable for this glue.
Why do we have to pack it?
Why should the transmission be sealed? Because the transmission is a combination of a variety of parts, and need to be sealed, so that it can achieve noise reduction and oil leakage and so on, enhance the stability of the transmission, which is why the reason for sealing, why welding? Because welding can not heat, so only the use of glue, glue is a good sealing effect.
注胶机 Our mid-system belongs to the manufacturer of high-quality injection machine, small can produce semi-automatic dispensing machine, big can produce visual dispensing machine, so the core technology of two-component dispensing machine for automobile transmission dispensing demand is to meet the production demand, dispensing effect will be more quality, dispensing needle selection is also based on production, for example. Such as: Clutch injection and dispensing of automotive transmission will not have any problems, this is the strength of manufacturers to achieve, this is what we do.

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