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The power line of high speed dispenser is broken

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High speed dispensing machine is a fully automatic production equipment work dispensing, work allocation degree is high, the more reasonable working mode can help the operator to achieve more simple operation, not only low cost and simple structure, because of the need to maintain a high intensity point glue, easy to appear all sorts of problems, and power supply line high speed dispensing machine damage can be caused by a variety of reasons.
Hot melt adhesive high speed dispenser
Carry out the required high strength dispensing work is stable working environment, power line is an important source to maintain normal working high speed dispensing machine, if the work is in the high humid environment, the power supply circuit may damp short-circuit stop working, and even prone to accidents, directly to the business master electrician to replace the power line the new high speed dispensing machine can solve the problem by stopping work, check the wiring head part to decide whether or not to replace moisture.
Multi axis high speed dispenser
The overload protection device is a circuit protection device, sometimes the demand for high-speed dispensing dispensing work performed on larger, more prone to high voltage circuit load, overload problem, serious may burn the whole power supply line. The problem can be solved by overload protector. Overload protector is applied to the single chip microcomputer related technology, which can detect and power off the entire circuit system, and it is safe and reliable, and has certain anti-interference ability. It is the circuit protection device of high speed dispenser.
Double head hot melt adhesive high speed dispenser
The normal work of power line work too much heat will affect the overall circuit of high speed dispensing machine, ruled out tide problems but also to ensure ventilation effect, ensure the ventilation effect of certain high speed circuit can make the safe and normal work.

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