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What are the general characteristics of potting adhesive?

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Pouring glue has a wide range of uses. At present, there are many industries that need to be packaged. For example, transformer and transformer pouring glue, they will choose pouring glue. This is its use? Certainly not only these, but also many industries need to use the filling glue. Let Xiaobian analyze for you the use of filling glue, and what type of automatic filling machine is better.
Application of potting adhesive
Transformer glue filling is only one of the purposes of glue filling, the use of automatic glue filling machine can complete the industry's requirements for glue filling technology. In order to achieve the purpose of automatic glue filling, first of all, we need to understand the properties of glue collar, which will have a better effect, because glue quality directly determines the type of glue used, so automatic glue filling machine is not. The only choice. Pouring glue is generally used in the electronic industry. It can resist external shocks and improve product stability. It is not affected by external factors. Electronics can be used continuously.
The effect of using glue is good.
Technology can meet the needs of production, the use of filling glue will have better results, the selection of machinery and equipment is important, has already known about the filling glue, then their use will also have a half-understanding, in fact, this glue is in line with the electronic industry and vulnerable products, because it has a good resistance, so choose It is the best proof that the filling of transformer can achieve better results. The direct quality of products can be protected by using full-automatic filling machine to package and then maximizing the use of filling glue.
Role of potting adhesive
Pouring glue has a wide range of uses, which is very in line with the current production of the pouring industry. It can play a role after pouring, such as moisture-proof, dust-proof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance and so on. These can be done. However, the requirements of automatic pouring glue machine may be selected according to different industries and can be purchased in the medium-sized system. Buy, because we specialize in the production of dispensing machines, so direct customization and production of glue filling machines, if there is demand, you can directly dial 13713306830.

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