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Automatic glue dispensing machine is a multi-functional, dispensing accessories is a relatively complete large dispensing machine, the use of Seiko production technology production, in terms of quality, practicality has certain advantages, through some hi.

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Circular visual dispensing machine is suitable for circular product dispensing production links, in the LED lighting industry production links have a very wide range of applications. Round visual dispensing machines initial working strength supports circu.

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Introduction of desktop double Y shaft dispensing machine Desktop type double Y axis dispensing machine is desktop type. In this desktop dispensing machine workbench, two automatic platforms are assembled. It has the advantages of improving the flexibilit.

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Tablet computer dispensing machine is a special large-scale dispensing machine, which is widely used in the production of tablet computer shell dispensing, frame coating, chip packaging and other links. It can effectively improve the quality of tablet com.

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The general application of large dispenser in the larger production line, mainly responsible for packaging or adhesive work in the production process, with the dispensing of machine vision system in the industry market share ratio of heavy industry applic.

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With the further expansion of the dispensing needs, contact dispensing ordinary has been gradually unable to adapt to the growing demand for the product, spraying process appears again in the eyes of the people, the non-contact dispensing equipment stage .

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Two-component glue in daily life is also called double liquid glue or adhesive, this adhesive is the glue and catalyst according to a certain proportion, the bonding effect generated after reaction, some special manufacturing industry strong dependence on.

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Requirements of large-scale production line of equipment is very high, auxiliary equipment manufacturers will choose intelligent high-speed, desktop dispensing machine can not fully meet the production line of small station work demand, the market there i.

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The battery can be seen everywhere in our daily life, can store the chemical energy in charge when not in use, through the use of release energy to achieve a variety of work, plays a very important role in peoples life, the production of high speed batter.

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The modern automatic dispensing technology mostly came from the western developed countries, domestic manufacturers in the dispensing technology with the developed countries there is a gap in our country at present popular sell different functions of high.

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In the type of dispensing machine, small and medium enterprises in our country generally use the dispensing machine or semi-automatic dispenser, also known as the traditional high-speed dispenser. However, the development of science and tec...

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Modern social work is fast-paced, and any production must strive for efficient, rapid production. This idea of aluminum high-speed dispensing machine based on was born, it has a convenient means of dispensing, dispensing speed is as the acme...

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Large multi station high speed dispensing machine is a new product with high speed dispensing machine based on producing a practical product, capable of dispensing a plurality of products at a time, very consistent with the current productio...

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Screw type high speed dispensing machine is a powerful, high working efficiency and large dispensing equipment, the biggest difference between ordinary and large high speed dispensing machine is equipped with a screw valve for quantitative c...

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Large automatic dispensing machine at home and the most widely used and most practical for a dispensing device, which has certain relations with its accessories, automatic dispensing machine in addition to using the best technology to build,...

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