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Large-scale high-speed automatic AB double-liquid glue filli

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Guide: Automatic double-liquid glue dispensing machine is able to use AB glue dispensing machine, can use 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 and so on, but also need to use a higher glue proportion of foreign dispensing valves, and our production of automatic double-liquid glue dispensing machine is able to meet the production of a large number of people for glue proportion requirements.
Parameters of large high-speed automatic AB double-liquid glue filling machine
Model: zz-58
全自动灌胶机 Guide rail: upper silver guide rail
Number of pressure barrels: 2
Control mode: automatic + PLC system
Driving mode: screw + synchronous belt
全自动双液灌胶机 Dispensing accuracy: 0.1mm
Repeated dispensing accuracy: 0.2 percent
Power system: servo motor
According to the parameters given above, the performance of the automatic double-liquid glue dispensing machine is still good, and the same accessories as the general large dispensing machine. However, in the use of dispensing valves, the automatic double-liquid glue dispensing machine is different. The electric stirring dispensing valve will be used as control equipment, and the glue stirring can be strengthened. The dispensing valve is often used in the coating of explosion-proof electric box.
Two kinds of rubber valves suitable for double-liquid glue filling machine
Why can full-automatic double-liquid dispensing machine use AB glue mainly lies in dispensing valve, which has two kinds, one is static dispensing valve, the other is dynamic dispensing valve, that is, electric stirring dispensing valve. Domestic stirring dispensing valve can meet the mixing of 3:1 and 4:1 glue, but can not meet the high proportion of glue, the glue after stirring can be more uniform and solidified. The effect is better.
Applicable Irrigation Industry
防爆箱电箱 In addition to explosion-proof electric box gluing, large-scale high-speed automatic AB glue double-liquid glue dispenser can be used in many industries, such as: power battery glue, LED lamp bar glue, door and window glass glue, etc. When using double-liquid glue, we can consider some large dispensers, with sufficient power and fast production.
If you need full-automatic double-liquid glue filling machine, you can dial the telephone service hotline 13928403389.

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