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Uninterruptible Power Supply for Large Ground-type 3000 Disp

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In large-scale production lines, you can often see the traces of dispenser. The large-scale floor dispenser 3000 introduced in this paper is also a kind of online dispenser. By mounting the large dispenser on the assembly line, it can be used in many high-demand production lines for a long time. The information of this large-scale floor dispenser will be shown below.
Ground-type 3000 high-speed dispensing machine
Large floor dispenser 3000
Model: 3000 dispenser
Rubber dispensing mode: contact dispensing
Driver power: uninterrupted on-line power supply
Input power supply: 220V 10A
Repetition accuracy: 0.01mm
Applicable industries: chip filling, piezoelectric appliances filling, electromagnetic oven dispensing, automobile gluing and painting, bonding and sealing
Mechanical structure: large floor dispensing equipment
Sealing glue for mobile phone motherboard
Equipment characteristics
1. Double guideways move smoothly and have little resistance.
2. CCD vision positioning system detection, can be corrected
3. High precision control dispensing, repetition accuracy (+0.01 mm)
4. 3000 dispensing machine is a large dispensing machine which can carry pipeline.
5. Programming is simple and fast, and learning Chinese programming module is difficult.
6. Error Correction Function
7. Array batch dispensing
Micromodule camera dispensing
As a large-scale dispensing equipment, 3000 dispensing machine can be used in a variety of different properties of products to complete high-precision filling, coating, sealing and packaging and other production work. In many large dispensing machines, the function is more complete and the industry is more extensive.

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