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Visual dispensing machine of first-hand price landing type m

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Ground-type visual dispensing machine belongs to large-scale structure dispensing equipment. It plays an important role in synchronous improvement of efficiency and accuracy by precise control of dispensing by visual system. It controls the flow rate and dispensing volume of dispensing glue, completes in batches the manufacturing line with high repetitive precision, such as screen seal of mobile phone, and has high quality and high precision of uniform control of glue flow rate. Line characteristics, support for installation, floor-mounted visual dispensing machine has become the choice of batch production line with high precision requirements.
Ground-mounted 61 visual dispensing machine
Functional Elements of Special Floor Dispenser Made in China
Product Name: Ground Visual Dispenser Model: zz-sj61
Visual Function: CCD Visual High Speed Camera Travel: 400mm*300mm
Control System: PC + Motion Control Card Air Pressure: 0.3-0.6MPA
Operating System: Chinese Operating Software System Efficiency: 35k/H
Assemblable parts: ejector dispensing valve, backdraft dispensing valve or general piston dispensing syringe
Industry Applications: Chip Packaging, Mobile Phone Motherboard, Electronic Component Filling Adhesive, Mobile Phone Screen Sealing, etc.
Visual system control precision dispensing
Promotion of stability
The ground-mounted visual dispensing machine of model 61 has wide applicability and many functions. It can assemble various types of dispensing valves or ordinary piston dispensing syringes to supply out glue. The fast programming function is convenient for operators to quickly adjust and operate any graphical trajectory such as dot, scratch and circle. The visual positioning only takes 0.1 seconds, i.e. the calibration point coating. The preparation work needs to be greatly reduced.
Ground-based visual dispensing machine directly operates with high accuracy in controlling glue flow rate and accuracy. It can be used to complete batch of mobile phone motherboard sealant or mobile phone screen sealant. High-definition CCD camera is used for position recognition to control glue repetition accuracy more accurately. Glue flow rate and repetition accuracy are controlled at about 0.01 mm. It can be set as matrix glue coating mode for operation. There are many kinds of mounting dispensing valves and needle barrels. According to the actual production needs, we can choose accessories. Ordinary plastic piston dispensing needle barrels also support assembly and use. No special fixture is needed to fix and locate, which reflects the high synchronization rate of ground-based visual dispensing machine to control efficiency and accuracy.
Visual control dispensing technology
The system can support customized floor-mounted visual dispensing machine. The first-hand price is much more favorable. It provides one-year quality guarantee and free warranty. Interested parties can call Mr. Wang 13928403389 for detailed discussion.

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