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At present, the dispensing machine with visual function is the leading industry in precision control. The control accuracy and efficiency of the CCD visual dispensing machine introduced in this paper is far better than that of the ordinary desktop dispensing machine. The large workstation platform and the assistant use of the CCD visual system are of great importance in improving the precision and quality of product sealant packaging and coating. The large-scale visual dispensing equipment is suitable for electronic products. In batch gluing seals, such as electronic battery cover gluing and semiconductor gluing, the application of CCD visual dispenser in industries requiring high consistency and efficiency is of good quality.
Ground-mounted CCD visual dispenser
Introduction of Product Functional Characteristics
Machine Name: CCD Visual Dispenser Detection Accuracy: +0.01mm
Positioning System: Intelligent Camera CCD Positioning and Driving Mode: Servo Motor + Precision Grinding Screw
Moving speed: 0.1-800/500 rubber supply mode: sub-Pack and sub-liquid supply system
Dispenser Valves: Double-liquid Backdraft Dispenser Valve or High Precision Screw Dispenser Valve
Industry Applications: Batch Manufacturing with High Precision of Sealant Coating, such as Electronic Chip Packaging, Battery Cover Coating, Semiconductor Coating
Battery Cover Packaging Adhesive
High Precision of Industry Application
CCD visual dispensing machine has good precision control and execution efficiency. The intelligent camera CCD positioning system assists the glue valve to control the precision, which provides guarantee for the accuracy and uniformity of product sealant coating. No special fixture is needed to assist the production of battery cover glue coating and semiconductor glue coating by visual system. The reason is that the effect is good, and the batch production of high precision can be completed at the same time. The special screw dispensing valve assembly is more prominent for the quality improvement of the two-component glue controlled by CCD visual dispensing machine.
Screw dispensing valve
CCD visual dispensing machine is a special dispensing equipment with large floor structure. It needs to communicate with manufacturers to understand special customization.

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