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Customization of CCD vision aided automatic positioning disp

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The market orientation of visual dispensing machine is mainly oriented to the production of high precision and quantified demand. The application value of automatic positioning dispenser can be reflected from functional aspects. The CCD vision system is used to assist the positioning function to achieve high precision control. It supports the assembly of dynamically mixed screw valves or spray dispensing valves and other special valves to meet the needs of targeted industries. The advantages of automatic dispensing, such as continuous, intelligent, high efficiency and low cost, the characteristics of the equipment and the application effect will be briefly introduced.
Automatic positioning visual dispenser
Parameter description of automatic positioning dispensing machine
Product Name: Auto-positioning dispenser vision system: CCD vision positioning
Driving mode: stepping motor + precision grinding screw rubber supply mode: sub-Pack and sub-liquid rubber supply
Moving speed: 0.1~800/500 control system: PC + motion control
Applicable rubber valve: Contact dispensing valve or non-contact spray dispensing valve.
Industry applications: USB dispensing or small filter dispensing reinforcement for micro-structure, etc.
Ground-based visual positioning dispenser
Auxiliary Positioning Function of Visual System
The automatic positioning system is a remarkable function of this dispensing equipment. Through the CCD camera positioning function, alignment, glue dispensing and other production, the automatic positioning glue dispenser can be applied in various small precision products. It supports the addition of various contact type dispensing valves or dynamic mixing dispensing valves and high precision atomizing spray dispensing valves for flow control, with executive essence. It has the advantages of high degree and wide range of application, high batch completion degree and strong execution effect for fixed USB dispensing interface of data line, more agile and convenient automatic positioning relative operation, and can be used to seal and reinforce components such as USB dispensing of various specifications or filter dispensing at any time, so as to make the efficiency, quality and cost control of batch production more stable, and realize continuous production and high efficiency. And other types of dispensing spray and other production.
Data line dispensing and fixing
The high quality of automatic positioning dispensing machine assisted by CCD vision promotes long-term use with 100% resilience. The dispensing can be controlled without special station fixing. Relatively speaking, all kinds of irregular USB dispensing and micro-filter dispensing can be applied.

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