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Shenzhen Medium-sized Visual Dispenser Equipment

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Shenzhen Medium-sized Automation helps users to provide a variety of types of equipment in the field of dispensing machine promotion and manufacturing. This paper introduces a floor-mounted visual dispensing machine, which can help users understand its execution characteristics and control the quality and function of fluid to complete the application of coatings and other applications. It has become the requirement of many high-speed dispensing machines. For its fast and stable performance, this visualization device is mainly assisted by visual detection device. It is suitable for various applications such as metal buckle coating or mobile phone frame gluing after the accuracy reaches the standard.
Customization of large visual dispensing equipment
Technical parameters of equipment
Product Name: Visual dispenser itinerary: 300*300*60
Operating System: PC + Motion Control Card Speed: 300mm/sec
Repetitive accuracy: 0.01mm transmission: caterpillar transmission
Visual Function: CCD Visual Detection Device Display: Computer Display
Industry applications: fingerprint module filling, PTC bonding, SMT patch, mobile phone frame coating, metal buckle coating, etc.
Description: Supporting simple operation of mounting teaching box, dispensing speed, time, height and stop time can be changed at will.
Large landing visual dispensing machine
Brief description of functions
Visual dispensing machine has the function of 360 degree automatic recognition. It can be positioned by visual lock without special fixture. It can customize edit and adjust various types of sealing shape. It has the characteristics of fast recognition and high control accuracy. Products requiring dispensing can be placed and operated at will. Visualization can be carried by 360 degree automatic recognition function. The visual inspection device controls the location glue, so that the parameters of the size, speed, time, height and stop time of glue dispensing can be reasonably controlled. Therefore, the precise control of glue quantity can be achieved in the application of industries with high demand precision.
Visual CCD Detection
Requirements for industrial applications
Visual dispensing machine is selected to complete various industry applications with high demand precision, such as patch coating, etc. The gap of mobile phone frame is small and the adhesive needed to be coated is stable and uniform. To meet this need, the precision and quality of mobile phone frame gluing can meet the application requirements. The role of the whole mobile phone frame gluing and fixing will be visible. The control function of chemical function can be brought into play.
Including metal clasp coatings and other industries used in mobile phone frames similar, under the control of ensuring accuracy to improve the efficiency required for production, the effect and quality of these industries can be achieved through visual dispenser efficiency and quality common requirements.

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