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High-speed and stable glue control of large visual dispensin

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Equipment equipped with visual inspection device has diversified application requirements in any industry. As one kind of automatic coating equipment, large-scale visual dispenser can be used in industry demand applications such as long-term stable coating supply. Large-scale machine body is the platform of large workstation, which can be applied to rubber coating more, while carrying vision. Sensory function positioning is highly precise and the compound is stable and uniform. This device is used in the continuous power supply glue filling and mobile phone precision COP packaging production line.
Pipeline large visual dispensing machine
Brief Introduction to the Function of Intelligent Visual Dispenser
As an automation equipment, large visual dispensing machine differs from other dispensing machines in the installation of CCD visual function. CCD positioning system is used as visual function to assist in controlling the rubber alignment recognition. Omni-directional automatic recognition eliminates the need of fixture application and completes dispensing and filling directly. The cost of fixture installation is omitted. After setting parameters on the PC plane, the parameters such as dispensing thickness, dispensing speed, dispensing time, dispensing height and stop time can be controlled. Therefore, the large visual dispensing machine with intelligent control can be used to complete power supply glue filling or COP packaging in the production line with uninterrupted demand. Use in demand.
Intelligent cabinet visual dispensing machine
What is COP packaging?
COP encapsulation refers to the technology to solve the layout of screen wires. The common production mode can not accommodate more abundant positions for the layout, while COP technology can accommodate the layout to the common Liu Hai screen and compress the screen module. The higher the compression ratio, the higher the cost is, the more stable the cost control is ensured and the better products are strengthened. In the selection of dispensing rate, the application of position control dispensing technology of large visual dispensing machine is indispensable. Visual CCD positioning system assists to control omnidirectional vision with high precision and is suitable for batch packaging. Automation system and visual function control ensure the stable coating of rubber to the holding position and meet the needs of COP packaging technology.
Narrow Side COP Packaging for Mobile Phone
Intelligent control degree and high-speed stable glue control effect of large-scale visual dispenser make it play a prominent role in the completion of batch power supply glue filling or COP packaging, and it has a very close function with the mounted CCD positioning system.

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