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1、 Speed and quality benefits of underwear spray equipment
The function of the underwear glue sprayer lies in the comprehensive coverage of the glue and the even distribution of the proportion of the glue. At present, most of the adhesive application fields in the market have been fully promoted. At present, most of the adhesive application companies do not need at least one full-automatic glue sprayer or automatic glue applicator. However, due to the more and more extensive application field and the more and more demanding demand of customers for spray adhesive technology, the general automatic spray adhesive equipment has been unable to fully meet the needs of various fields. The underwear glue sprayer uses the visual positioning system to input the glue plate page automatically. According to the customer's demand, it will become a big demand of the market. The automatic glue sprayer is faster and faster than the general glue sprayer, equipped with spray chamber, drying system and clean organization.
Large platform glue filling and spraying machine
2、 The quality and refreshing feeling of finished seamless underwear
Up to now, the durability and safety feeling of seamless underwear has been accepted by the majority of underwear pursuers. Because of the integrated overall concept manufacturing of seamless underwear, the shrinkage activity of the material is further improved, and the material is more and more solid, which enhances the artistic level of underwear from the appearance. The Pur hot melt adhesive supplied by the seamless underwear spray machine is more colorless and special The environmental friendly and pollution-free glue with smell and the healthy condition of underwear wearing are the great development strategy for the underwear and underwear sprayer to seize the domestic offshore market rapidly.
Spray adhesive on underwear
The quality production of underwear glue sprayer is the demand of market and society. Because of the specialty in related fields, how to scientifically comply with the needs of consumers and the progress of technology, the quality reliability design of seamless underwear is particularly important.

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