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The testing and application of the seamless underwear dispenser is skillful. Next, let me analyze the corresponding basic knowledge of the underwear dispenser alone. Speaking of the seamless underwear, you must grasp the meaning of the word, and you will inevitably know something. The seamless underwear means that the seamless underwear and the seamless underwear are one kind of underwear, using the new dispensing machinery The one-time adhesive and welt shaped underwear is prepared for production. It will be comfortable, close, trendy and changeable. The outer edge of the underwear can't be distinguished on the body.
Large size underwear glue filling and spraying machine
The testing of non marking underwear dispenser is carried out by adding power supply:
1. Check whether the power supply voltage is reliable;
2. Check whether the dust adhering to the shell is removed neatly;
3. Pour the glue to be used into the hot melt glue valve and heat it for a few minutes. In order to ensure the circulation of the glue, avoid the situation of hanging wire and dropping glue;
Large platform gantry dispensing machine
4. The semi-finished underwear without glue dispensing shall be edited according to the template, and the underwear shall be placed on the table with glue dispensing level surface in a group of two boards (the underwear can be placed more according to the size of the pattern);
5. Visit the PC intelligent detection system to automatically detect, present dimension sidelines and preset points, and set up the total number of preset points according to the design style of underwear;
6. Adjust the sizing efficiency of the non marking underwear dispenser, and press the switch lightly to dispensing.
Coating and dispensing of underwear
Traceless underwear can be called a variety of styles, from the conceived color shape, module, to more important underwear traceless dispensing, all of which are strictly controlled by the product process to ensure that the product quality of traceless underwear is appropriate.
In order to achieve the market prospect of non marking underwear, the non marking underwear dispenser is a PC automatic control system with hot melting point glue valve, all-round covered xzy power arm shaft and intelligent visual inspection system to present a clear page, which uses the green environmental glue pur glue (no harm, no stimulation and peculiar smell), creating an example of non marking underwear production.

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