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High precision automatic control CCD visual dispensing machi

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The detailed structure of precision manufacturing CCD visual dispensing machine is composed of its function block and visual image detection technology. CCD visual dispensing machine is a high-precision dispensing equipment developed and manufactured in recent years, which has many advantages such as high precision, stable production capacity, control cost and convenient use.
Large floor type CCD visual dispensing machine
The CCD visual dispensing machine for precision manufacturing has the following advantages:
1. Use the comprehensive visual alignment program and the high-precision visual positioning program to automatically detect, without the use of precision fixture, the dispensing can be completed at any time;
2. The non-contact high-precision spray dispensing program can be used to complete the precise dispensing of small glue in the small gap;
3. It can be configured with high-precision laser self-test program, which can thoroughly identify the product height change to ensure the uniformity of dispensing height;
4. It can automatically detect abnormal products or products without dispensing, reducing manufacturing costs;
5. Intelligent design of left and right worktable can complete the continuous construction of feeding and dispensing, further improving the work efficiency;
Multi head vision CCD dispensing machine
CCD visual dispensing machine uses professional graphic visual inspection technology to complete the measurement of the appropriate location of products in large areas. CCD visual dispensing machine also needs to complete a variety of parameter calibration settings, so as to promote the use of automatic visual dispensing or spot spraying.
A fast industrial camera is selected at the back of a CCD visual dispensing machine. The fast industrial camera grabs the product graphics and transmits the graphics information to the image processing program. The image processing system completes the preprocessing, coordinate calculation, relevant size detection, etc. for each graphic, and transmits the information to the dispensing program to complete the dispensing guidance.

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