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All round large-scale visual dispenser is of great value to the watch production. Watch is an auxiliary tool for recording time flow and reminding itself freely. However, due to the continuous development of intelligent electronic products, the function of watch display time is not so prominent. Many of them are a kind of fashion point metaphor, a design decoration that highlights the style. For young people, watch is a positive affirmation of their efforts.
Large all-round visual dispenser
Watch gluing in dispensing production
The market has already exceeded the time required for watch refinement, which requires refinement, sound moisture-proof stability and pressure resistance. This kind of basic is to complete a very technical attack. Therefore, the omni-directional large-scale visual dispensing machine has successfully seized the market of many watch production machines, which has produced a technical breakthrough for watches manufactured by artificial and mechanical equipment that was difficult to be completed before. The 20 meter water level is under pressure, and fine small parts are adhered. Basically, the core of the breakthrough is the omni-directional large-scale visual dispensing machine's fine visual dispensing technology, which has produced great significance for the watch production field Good news, get the same affirmation from the original manufacturer.
Multi head visual dispensing machine
The application and adjustment of omni-directional large-scale visual dispensing machine is particularly convenient. The operator can modify the basic operating parameters of the visual automatic dispensing machine by using the hand-held teaching box, and can implement the dispensing mode of single machine or even single machine and multi machine. According to the USB interface, it is more convenient to carry out the transmission of data supervision, and it is also the characteristics of this dispensing machine that the transfer speed is faster and convenient.
High speed vision automatic dispensing machine
The power of omni-directional large-scale visual dispensing machine to watch production comes from the fact that the dispensing is fine and small, relatively balanced, which can deepen the understanding at the level of artificial eyesight. The balanced dispensing leads to and prevents the loss of parts and components caused by artificial dispensing and unsmooth dispensing. For the technical performance of sealed watch and assembly, the production technology level of foreign artificial watch can not be compared with that of foreign artificial watch is holding Have a very big idea.

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