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High speed dispensing machine for large aluminium profiles

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Modern social work is fast-paced, and any production must strive for efficient, rapid production. This idea of aluminum high-speed dispensing machine based on was born, it has a convenient means of dispensing, dispensing speed is as the acme of perfection, There is nothing comparable to this dispensing quality, welcomed by all walks of life to the enterprise of the dispensing program. Large aluminum high-speed dispenser market prospects, most people optimistic about.

Floor type aluminium profile high-speed glue dispenser

1, large aluminum high-speed dispensing machine, mainly made of metal aluminum large dispenser. Aluminum has a strong ductility and plasticity. It is an important material for many machines. It is equipped with the control system is very advanced, Chinese operation page, to facilitate the work of the operator, the specific function settings, learning to master the required time is very short.

2, the most popular form of automatic, automatic operation can be achieved through rapid dispensing, dispensing needles and products such as: the distance, dispensing valve opening time, glue speed, what time to stop dispensing work, these settings can operate within the control system set up.

Large aluminum profiles to create high-speed dispenser

3, large aluminum profile high-speed dispensing machine control system, you can store a large number of file data, you can directly use the file data at work, you do not need to adjust the value every time, but also import other CAD files.

4, using non-contact dispensing without the need to adjust the dispensing height, can improve the accuracy of large high speed dispensing work to complete dispensing, avoid the needle and product contact to prevent the glue solidification lead to excessive plastic head clogging phenomenon.

Desktop Longmen aluminum dispenser

5, needle movement speed is very accurate, dispensing size, size can also control the dispensing time to solve, can avoid most of the dispensing problem.

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