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Large scale high speed dispensing robot

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The modern automatic dispensing technology mostly came from the western developed countries, domestic manufacturers in the dispensing technology with the developed countries there is a gap in our country at present popular sell different functions of high speed dispensing equipment, dispensing and some high demand users will generally choose large high-speed dispensing robot as auxiliary equipment, the following to introduce the characteristics of the high speed dispensing machine.
Large floor type high speed dispensing robot
This large dispensing equipment is mainly dispensing work accurately through the intelligent dispensing control system, so that the positioning dispensing objects is more accurate, the guide customized to help high-speed dispensing arm smoothly to complete all kinds of work with the dispensing, high flexibility manual glue, multi axis dispensing function so it can in order to realize multi axis dispensing machine do, through can help the user to achieve the maximum utilization of materials to control glue system, dispensing glue in the most stable state, to help users achieve high efficiency of dispensing work.
Large visual high speed dispensing robot
Large high speed dispensing robot area is very wide, can help users of large quantities of high speed dispensing work, through the servo AC motor as the control mode of dispensing work, ensure the consistency of the dispensing work and high precision, the operator can adjust the real-time effect, ensure the high quality of dispensing work, strong sealing body the problem does not occur in epoxy glue leakage dispensing work.
Desktop high speed dispensing robot
Large high speed dispensing robot is generally used in high demand in the production line, such as the LED industry, the electronics industry has been widely used, but also help manufacturers save a lot of labor costs, not only convenient operation and ensure the work efficiency, working procedure transfer is quick and convenient, directly out the drawbacks of the artificial high line dispensing work, is a a practical high speed dispensing equipment.

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