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High speed dispenser for large batteries

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The battery can be seen everywhere in our daily life, can store the chemical energy in charge when not in use, through the use of release energy to achieve a variety of work, plays a very important role in people's life, the production of high speed battery dispenser dispensing link desktop is mainly used in battery, here to introduce users to work characteristics of high speed battery dispensing machine.
High speed dispenser for large batteries
Battery high speed dispensing machine mainly uses the intelligent system for precision dispensing control, according to the actual needs can make glue and glue precision, full automatic dispensing work, the operator only needs to be responsible for parameter setting and finished loading and unloading can be transferred, with quantitative control of glue ratio function, through this process intelligent dispensing work, high conversion rate of the material, can help users save the cost of materials, the effect of dispensing products accurate, will not affect the normal use of the battery effect.
Floor type accumulator high speed dispenser
This large dispensing machine programming work according to the specifications of the battery, support PLC Chinese programming, data transmission and management by USB, the data management for high speed dispensing, very much in support of the various special types of glue, glue are suitable for use in battery sealing dispensing, internal mixing static double liquid tube convenient removal and cleaning of and replaced at any time, the best dispensing working environment at 0-20 degrees Celsius, ensure the benchmark of the battery dispensing more value.
Floor type double liquid high speed dispenser
The use of high-speed dispensing function battery to help users save a lot of cost of production, as with glue and glue is performed by high speed dispensing machine, so the battery work in dispensing only with a skilled operator, the full automation work mode can maximize the material conversion rate, without any precision jig can realize high speed the battery dispensing work.

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