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Screw type large high-speed dispenser

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Screw type high speed dispensing machine is a powerful, high working efficiency and large dispensing equipment, the biggest difference between ordinary and large high speed dispensing machine is equipped with a screw valve for quantitative control, based on the independent control can guarantee the stability of the glue dispensing work and consistency. Next, introduce the characteristics of this large dispenser.

Large screw type high-speed glue dispenser

Visual inspection is an important reason to realize the high strength work products to the dispensing of this large, no matter what kind of material is in irregular state can be cured dispensing work, can work in the light of the place through infrared detection, so the light requirement is not high, can help the user to do 24 hours of uninterrupted work, can automatically identify a variety of programming entry, easy and convenient procedure and simple maintenance, can maximize the utilization of materials, low cost and high income to achieve.

Floor type large high-speed dispenser

Unique screw valve configuration is an important tool to realize the quantitative glue control, through the screw type structure design and implementation of alternating work, both work with each other, to ensure the stability and continuity of glue, glue the frequency can be adjusted freely, either coherent or intermittent quantitative dispensing dispensing can do. So this large dispensing equipment widely used in high-pressure production line.

Floor type screw valve high-speed glue dispenser

If the common problems of drawing glue leakage, large screw type high speed dispensing chance to start the suction function, when the glue drawing or drips to large suction valve screw glue suction, the bond between the object surface will not be residue marks affect the appearance, ensure the maximum value of bonding products, the staff need less responsible for the link, can realize the single computer or single large automatic dispensing machine working mode.

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