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Large double liquid high speed dispensing machine

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Two-component glue in daily life is also called double liquid glue or adhesive, this adhesive is the glue and catalyst according to a certain proportion, the bonding effect generated after reaction, some special manufacturing industry strong dependence on the double liquid glue, glue function through the use of a large help users to efficiently handle double liquid glue, and help users high-speed dispensing work.
Floor type double liquid high speed dispenser
High speed double liquid dispensing machine have two plastic barrels, A barrel mainly put the glue, B barrels mainly catalyst, both are mixed according to a certain proportion can maximize the use effect, support the mixed proportion of 1:1 to 10:1, the high strength dynamic mixing glue can be achieved to maximize the effect of large the advantage of dispensing work platform, dispensing work can be performed in large quantities of one-way work. Through the manual teaching box to help the operator to better complete the programming work, to complete the work of all kinds of irregular dispensing path, the data transmission through the USB management, to help the operator to quickly obtain information and data management, reduce the difficulty of programming.
Large scale two component high speed dispenser
High speed double liquid dispensing machine through the allocation of wear-resistant high strength screw pump to make glue transport more smooth, service life is higher, according to the actual needs can be added to a dispensing head, a plurality of glue dispensing head can realize uninterrupted work, causing the attention of high speed and high quality of the dispensing mode is bound to it, and custom manufacturers can not be modified to discuss.
Floor type double liquid high speed dispenser
The body is used Aluminum Alloy durable wear-resistant surface is built, anodized, the high-speed double liquid dispensing machine has more corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and has a certain anti impact capability, help realize the value of high-speed double liquid dispensing machine upgrade again.

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