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Large automatic full speed dispensing machine

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Large automatic dispensing machine at home and the most widely used and most practical for a dispensing device, which has certain relations with its accessories, automatic dispensing machine in addition to using the best technology to build, also equipped with top accessories, such as: high speed injection valve, motor, servo motor and other sophisticated.

Large high-speed dispenser

And the advanced control system software, respectively, is a simple PLC controller, computer control system, visual positioning system, which is to create the best large automatic dispensing machine and configuration of components and systems, can assist the dispensing machine precision, high precision and high speed dispensing.

The dispensing machine can have a dispensing position so high in rubber industry, it is simply because the dispensing technology is the best way to start is the dispensing, dispensing manually, with the development of science and technology, manual dispensing technology slowly backward, finally the development of today's automatic dispensing technology, in the rapid development of society, the development of large-scale automatic the dispensing technology is not behind the market.

Large visual high-speed dispensing machine

Dispensing accuracy with large high-speed automatic dispensing machine parts have great relations, step motor and servo motor to help large automatic dispensing machine power system of high speed dispensing, high-speed jet valve is the glue outlet, can reach 200 points per second, both with the high speed dispensing, speed, the glue can not keep up it will backfire and drag the production efficiency of automatic dispensing machine.

Two large high-speed automatic dispensing machine in the dispensing industry in the choice of equipment, to the application of industry is relatively comprehensive, such as the electronics industry, the mobile phone industry, LED lamp industry, chip scale package, power supply glue, involving almost all prove that the rubber industry, large-scale high-speed automatic dispensing machine more powerful.

Full automatic multifunctional high-speed glue dispenser

In addition to the large scope of application, automatic high speed dispensing machine can use the glue is more comprehensive, silicone, conductive adhesive, instant glue, AB glue, hot glue, sealant and so on, most of the glue can be suitable for the use of high-speed automatic dispensing machine.

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