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Large floor type high speed spraying machine

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With the further expansion of the dispensing needs, contact dispensing ordinary has been gradually unable to adapt to the growing demand for the product, spraying process appears again in the eyes of the people, the non-contact dispensing equipment stage dispensing industry market popular variety, the large dispenser is a high practical.
Floor type high speed spray machine
The non-contact dispensing equipment landing type high speed spray machine belongs to a multifunctional, through the spray valve can be equipped with special glue dispensing a spray, non-contact dispensing contrast contact methods have more advantages, the non-contact dispensing of the plastic area is wide, will not affect the joint strength, no to carry out the Z axis pull back action, long-term use will find the save Z axis pull back the benefits, and will not occur due to problems caused by high viscosity glue dispensing drawing, high-speed dispensing needle with a smaller burden by high speed glue can help users with high conversion rate and low cost supplies.
Large high speed spray machine
The floor type structure has the advantage of dispensing wider platform, can also carry out high-speed spray work on multiple objects, usually large object adhesive production will use glue glue technology, large object time short and uniform distribution, the high precision dispensing system can avoid the leak glue problems with multiple servo the driver provides strong glue, to ensure the accuracy of high-speed spray work, is a hot selling products in the dispensing industry.
Floor type high speed glue dispensing machine
Floor type high speed glue machine is put into use can help users save a lot of material and manpower cost, can use the glue very much, whether general or special glue glue can be put into use, through the operation of the teaching box is more convenient to operate personnel dispensing programming work, has simple and practical characteristics of high.

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