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Large visual high speed glue machine

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The general application of large dispenser in the larger production line, mainly responsible for packaging or adhesive work in the production process, with the dispensing of machine vision system in the industry market share ratio of heavy industry application of the current visual input high speed dispensing machine is very extensive, the lead you to understand this vision high-speed dispensing machine have what work the characteristics of.
Vertical visual high speed glue machine
Have a high speed visual dispensing machine vision high-speed positioning dispensing systems, capable of accurately dispensing position correction, through PC inspection can intuitively understand the dispensing work, ensure the dispensing work accurate and high consistency, can be carried out according to the actual problems of the work parameters. Equipped with high precision and stable working platform, can carry out large quantities of objects at the same time dispensing work, with the real-time control of the temperature of glue, the glue can smoothly flow high speed dispensing, maximize the utilization rate of the strong glue, simple function requirement of the personnel is low, to help manufacturers save a lot of material and manpower cost.
Visual high speed glue machine
The programming interface is WINDOWS visual operation system, with multiple dispensing parameters to adjust the shortcut keys, making the operation easier and without the threshold. According to the actual demand, different dispensing valves can be configured, such as high-speed screw valves, high speed pneumatic valves, etc. The high strength servo motor is used as a driving mode to make the dispensing work more effective and uniform, and the dispensing work of the array can be carried out by programming, so that the dispensing efficiency is further improved.
Aluminum alloy visual high speed glue dispenser
Instead of traditional programming, visual image is used to support CAD direct mapping, making dispensing programming more convenient and comprehensive, and helping users with high speed and high quality batch dispensing.

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