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Cantilever type high speed glue dispenser

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In the type of dispensing machine, small and medium enterprises in our country generally use the dispensing machine or semi-automatic dispenser, also known as the traditional high-speed dispenser. However, the development of science and technology will not stop, and hope that in the near future, automatic dispensing machines will be mass production, so that prices continue to decline, so that more companies replace semi-automatic dispensing machines.
Floor type high-speed dispenser
Cantilever large high-speed dispensing machine is also a branch of automatic dispenser, and general large-scale automatic dispensing machine has important difference, below we introduce the cantilever high-speed dispenser function and characteristics.
1, in the design, this large dispensing machine uses cantilever design for dispensing operations. The main rod of the cantilever is the backbone that supports the device, so that every work of dispensing is very stable. The cantilever terminal actuating element holds the starting height of the dispensing needle. Energy is the power source of the stepper motor to produce transmission to the ball screw, all kinds of mechanical motion of cantilever into kinetic energy produced by the movement of the motor into large dispensing machine in order to achieve the actual work requirements of high speed and high speed glue dispensing work.
Large high-speed visual dispenser
2, large cantilever high-speed dispensing machine, you can switch dispensing mode, you can manually dispensing, but also automatic dispensing. The automatic mode of case, the control system programmable logic controller sends out the instruction to the execution system, and stepper motor drive to accept commands on the device for dispensing needle cantilever dispensing operation, complete dispensing in over a period of time after dispensing. Can also switch to manual dispensing mode for dispensing.
3, large cantilever high-speed dispensing machine glue point positioning and glue head control, can be accurately positioned on the XYZ axis, making the cantilever high-speed dispensing machine more accurate dispensing.
Visual floor type high-speed dispenser

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