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A circular visual dispenser commonly used in LED lamp produc

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  Circular visual dispensing machine is suitable for circular product dispensing production links, in the LED lighting industry production links have a very wide range of applications. Round visual dispensing machine's initial working strength supports circular curve, although also supports linear dispensing, but the dispensing effect is far from high precision large dispensing machine, so this visual dispensing machine is widely used in circular product dispensing links.
Circular vision dispensing machine

  Round vision dispenser suitable for dispensing circular products

  The circular visual dispensing machine is more likely to be used in the production of circular product dispensing. The circular working die is also assembled in the working platform of the circular visual dispensing machine. It is convenient to install and tighten the bulb lamp when it is used in the dispensing process of the bulb lamp, except that the volume of each product is Different, so before using circular visual dispensing machine, it is necessary for employees to determine the fixed circular product mold according to the size of the product model. In order to avoid the cause of insufficient glue supply in bulb lamp dispensing process, large capacity dispensing pressure barrel can be replaced.
Circular vision dispensing machine

  Circular dispensing machine for assembling visual dispensing machine system

  The circular vision dispensing machine is suitable for LED bulb lamp dispensing and other circular product production links. The application of circular vision dispensing machine in LED bulb lamp dispensing production line can effectively improve the product dispensing quality. And in this circular dispensing machine also equipped with a visual dispensing system, in the LED bulb lamp dispensing process using circular visual dispensing machine can let the operator clearly understand the production situation of product dispensing, including the production process of wire drawing, glue dropping, glue shortage and other issues, convenient for users to deal with in a timely manner, to ensure that Certificate LED bulb production quality.
Circular vision dispensing machine
  Circular visual dispensing machine is widely used in LED production links such as bulb dispensing and lamp holder bonding. It can effectively improve the production efficiency and quality of product dispensing.

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