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Large automatic glue filling machine with complete functiona

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  Automatic glue dispensing machine is a multi-functional, dispensing accessories is a relatively complete large dispensing machine, the use of Seiko production technology production, in terms of quality, practicality has certain advantages, through some high-precision dispensing accessories with the application, this automatic glue dispensing machine can be used in many industries, glue types.
Full automatic glue filling machine

  Applicable industries and glue types are more.

  The automatic glue filling machine made by Seiko can be used in a wide range of industries with some high-precision dispensing accessories, such as HID stabilizer glue filling, anti-theft door spraying, LED display glue injection, LED soft lamp production and other product production links. This large dispensing machine is also suitable for a wide range of types of glue, such as special properties of UV glue, two-component glue, epoxy resin, conductive silver glue, hot melt glue, etc., but in dispensing these glue work, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of dispensing accessories, otherwise it is easy to cause glue overflow, curing blockage. Other problems affect the work of HID stabilizer glue filling.
Full automatic glue filling machine

  Large automatic glue filling machine with complete functional fittings

  Generally, the dispensing parts and functions are quite complete in the large dispensing machine. High precision dispensing valve, large capacity dispensing pressure barrel, liquid crystal display screen and mechanical arm for grabbing products are assembled in automatic glue filling machine. The core system of automatic glue filling machine is PLC and control touch screen. Before filling HID stabilizer, the working parameters can be set by touch screen to prevent glue leakage and glue leakage. The phenomenon of overflow of water affects the quality of HID stabilizer.
Large automatic glue filling machine
  During dispensing, glue overflow and glue shortage may occur. These problems may affect the quality of production during the filling process of HID stabilizer. But alarm is installed in this large dispensing machine. When automatic dispensing machine detects the dispensing problem, the alarm will respond and remind the operator. Work in time to solve.

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