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There are two types of double-liquid gluing machine, three-axis double-liquid gluing machine and large-scale double-liquid gluing machine. Next, the performance and advantages of large-scale double-liquid gluing machine are mainly introduced, so that you can better understand the effect of product dispensing and the advantages of production. Selecting the machine is a direct impact on the quality and quantity of production. That's why we have to choose the machine. The reason for choosing professional manufacturer of glue dispenser.
大型双液涂胶机 Let's talk about the scope of the application of large liquid glue dispenser.
1. Dispensing of medical equipment
2. Glue and glue for automobile parts.
3, transformer glue
4. Dispensing in the electronics industry
5, LED industry dispensing
Large-scale double-liquid dispensing machine is widely used in industries requiring glue coating or glue filling. The effect of glue filling is fast and the quantity of glue is stable. It must be due to the good use of dispensing accessories, similar to medical equipment dispensing, that is, accurate dispensing technology will be used, and glue filling technology will be used to flexibly change the dispensing accuracy. It is the effect of dispensing accessories.
Accessories for large double liquid glue dispenser:
1, filling valve, 2, precision dispensing valve, 3, double dispensing pressure barrel, 4, two servo motors, two stepping motors 5, pneumatic controller, 6, guide synchronous belt, 7, teaching box, 8, screw device, etc.
These are the core parts of large-scale double-liquid glue dispensing machine. Each part is helpful to the accuracy of glue dispensing. For example, the glue dispensing valve and the precision dispensing valve, the former belong to the control of large amount of glue, while the latter is the requirement of high-precision dispensing. If they are replaced each other, the dispensing accuracy will be changed. This is the important core parts of glue dispensing. With these accessories, you can't glue dispensing in medical equipment.
大型双液涂胶机 The advantages of selecting medium coating machine
How can we buy a large-scale double-liquid glue coating machine manufacturer, of course, choose a manufacturer with superb production technology, which can meet the customer's production requirements for manufacturers, such as changing medical equipment dispensing, dispensing swap will become more simple, and our Dongguan City Medium-sized Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized. Manufacturers of large-scale double-liquid glue applicators have independent research and development and production, and all kinds of dispensing accessories are produced by themselves, so the collocation will have more advantages.

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