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Ultraviolet glue used for coating and sealing is suitable for the application of transparent materials. Most of the targeted UV glue syringes are selected for storage or location glue. The automatic system-controlled UV glue dispenser also needs the suppo.

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The function of UV dispensing machine is not repeated too much. The UV glue stored in black needle barrel needs special dispensing adapter to play a good application effect. The adapter twists tightly at the end of dispensing needle barrel to act as conve.

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The function of foaming dispenser is to control the flow of foaming rubber in the barrel quantitatively to be coated and filled in the seals, which can not be ignored with the dynamic dispensing valve of assembly. The structure of this valve is special an.

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There are many kinds of single-liquid dispensing valves which can be assembled by sealed dispensing machine, including different functions and suitable types of glue. The single-liquid dispensing valves with resilience and regeneration function have becom.

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The quantitative control of efficiency and accuracy of CCD visual dispenser is in many equipments. The special screw dispensing valve assembled has outstanding precision function and good application effect in controlling glue. It is stable and consistent.

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Controlling the application of white latex in gluing and bonding is recommended to use automatic control of white latex dispensing machine for auxiliary use. The question of how long the white latex dries is often questioned in the process of user applica.

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The dispensing syringe is a kind of accessory which is simple and easy to manufacture and low cost. Especially the piston dispensing syringe is the mainstream rubber storage tool. The piston is driven by pneumatic pressure to control the speed of glue flo.

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Dual-station 4331 dispenser can be used in the manufacture of products with large demand and consistent demand. In order to ensure the production stability and glue flow control, pressure barrels are needed to assist in the use. Stainless steel pressure b.

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Plug needle dispensing valve is a kind of rubber control valve which extrudes glue by pneumatic driving ejector rod. The 2121 dispensing valve manufactured by the middle system belongs to a kind of rubber control valve with good performance in a wide rang.

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Early factories used glue for coating mainly through manual dispensing mode. At that time, the accuracy control range was not accurate, and the high demand for the accuracy of the motherboard dispensing was often not fully applicable. The manual dispensin.

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Plastic dispensing needle is one of the most widely used accessories in automatic dispensing machine. It has the characteristics of quick disassembly, convenient use and low cost. It can be used to complete the work of fixing electronic products or dispen.

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Extrusion cylinder, also known as dispensing syringe, is mainly used to store rubber and provide pressure-driven extrusion through an air compressor. It is an indispensable part of dispensing link. Manual operation or automatic equipment for contact dispe.

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The dispensing syringe is commonly known as extrusion tube, which is mainly used for storing glue. The automatic dispensing syringe can be loaded with syringe or with glue valve dispensing, which is relatively low in use and cost. The syringe made of stai.

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The performance and application effect of visual dispensing machine is obvious to all. It is mainly used in batch production and high precision control production space. Selecting metering dispensing valve for quantitative control of glue quantity has bot.

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The dispensing process of most small products should have high accuracy, such as electronic parts, etc. There are many potential factors that may affect the precision dispensing of automatic dispensing machine. The accuracy control of the aluminum needle .

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The glue dispensing machine is mainly used in the production line which needs full automatic dispensing and glue filling. It is the leading equipment in the industry with the advantages of good precision control and low cost. The guarantee of stable dispe.

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According to the analysis of the current automatic dispensing industry, the demand for 300cc dispensing syringes is rising in a straight line, and the proportion of glue application on the market is high. In order to control the glue dispensing by chip se.

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Dual-liquid dispensing valves are widely used in the glue filling industry, which is more in line with the requirements of glue output. Because the dispensing accuracy of dual-liquid dispensing valves is not high, but the glue output is relatively large. .

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