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The dispensing machine on the market is to help enterprises to complete dispensing task, now the product development more and more quickly, the product type is all sorts of strange things, the dispensing technology requirements also gradually improve, dis.

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The use of heavy metals like aluminum paste with glue mixture, is used for a special glue in the electronics industry, high-speed dispensing machine is the use of aluminum paste is improved only after use, high speed dispensing machine is unable to use th.

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The domestic high-speed dispensing machine after years of development, dispenser technology has also been a lot of improvement, high speed dispensing machine is now the configuration of the manipulator, the use of accessories can make the dispensing machi.

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We should pay attention to what is the type of dispensing glue used in dispensing time, which is how to remove the impurities, residual impurity aluminum high speed dispensing glue, glue glue such identification quality. High speed dispensing machine for .

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After the high speed dispensing machine used for a period of time, the need for maintenance and maintenance, but also need to do cleaning work, each will have a silver paste onto the high speed dispensing machine base, in the course of time will have a lo.

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Hydraulic pipe joint is divided into several hydraulic pipes used in multi station high speed dispensing machine is high pressure flexible hose, hydraulic rubber tube can be used for rapidly, after finished using the glue dispensing machine need glue, glu.

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Fluorine rubber FR excellent in heat resistance and oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance and other characteristics, widely used in aerospace automobile electric appliances, automobile engine sealing ring is made of fluorine rubber, which is an im.

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Machinery in the work, regardless of the appearance of wear and tear parts will appear. Then we should know the work in high speed dispensing machine long after the cantilever, in which parts inside it is very easy to damage, so I can not f...

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The dispensing machine industry is the most important requirements of the dispensing machine, not only needs to have a high speed and with high precision, with these techniques in order to survive in the competitive environment, so need to...

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Large dispenser called floor type dispenser, size and working plane than traditional desktop dispensing confidential so that the working efficiency, also doubled, can apply glue very much, then lists several features for special glue. Vario...

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Longmen high speed dispensing machine is commonly used in pipeline mode a dispensing equipment, with convenient operation and other characteristics, dispensing link is mainly used in large objects, which manufacturers equipped with teaching...

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By dispensing dispensing valve can work normally on the processing of the special glue dispensing machine equipped with high speed dispensing valve called flow control valve, this is because the amount of glue dispensing processing common c...

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PVC is a kind of adhesive glue, can fast curing at room temperature, high bonding strength and stability, have certain elasticity, so the dispensing operation should pay attention to the gravity swing caused by high speed dispensing dispens...

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Dispensing machine spray valve is generally unable to use this valve, Longmen high-speed dispensing machine dispensing equipment is not generally, why? Because the dispenser is a large dispensing dispensing equipment, perfect function, disp...

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Longmen high speed dispensing machine also known as desktop high-speed dispensing machine, the shell is made of special stainless steel, high corrosion resistant performance and has high hardness, so the compressive ability is strong, can be...

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High speed dispensing machine shell made of stainless steel crafted, dispensing with a precision working inside a series of auxiliary equipment to help smooth high speed dispensing machine, high speed dispensing needles are generally relativ...

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When we use the Longmen high-speed large cantilever dispensing machine, the internal structure of Longmen high speed cantilever dispensing machine also need to understand it, so you can more easily control the exclusion of dispensing dispens...

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