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Manufacturer provides medium viscosity 300cc dispensing syri

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According to the analysis of the current automatic dispensing industry, the demand for 300cc dispensing syringes is rising in a straight line, and the proportion of glue application on the market is high. In order to control the glue dispensing by chip sealing, pin packaging, relay dispensing and so on, the market demand is relatively wider. The manufacturer recommends suitable dispensing syringes for various dispensing machines.
300CC stainless steel dispensing needle barrel
Characteristic of 300cc dispensing syringe
Rubber valve material: plastic, stainless steel,
 300CC 600CC双液胶针筒
Minimum glue yield: 0.01mm
Applicable glue: UV glue, red glue, silver glue, double liquid glue, conductive glue, heat dissipating aluminium paste, instant glue
Applicable equipment: high-speed automatic dispensing machine, desktop quantitative dispensing machine, automatic double-liquid dispensing machine
Industry applications: chip sealing, pin packaging, relay dispensing, LED dispensing
Applicable Viscosity: Various Medium Viscosity Fluid Adhesives
300CC 600CC Dual-liquid Rubber Needle Barrel
Main Applicable Scope and Effect
300cc dispensing syringe can be used in full automatic double-liquid dispensing machine. The dispensing syringe is fixed by the fixture at the front end of the dispensing machine. It can store a variety of medium and low viscosity fluid dispensing with 300CC capacity. The glue is evenly flowed out through the low end of the syringe. It can be used in the production of two-component glue dispensing machine with multiple viscosities. It can be used for the production of electronic products such as chip seals, foot packages and relay dispensing. Production stability is more guaranteed.
Multi-type two-component adhesive needle barrel
The application value of fully automatic double-liquid glue filling machine can not be separated from the auxiliary use of various accessories, while the medium-sized automation is mainly oriented to the glue dispensing industry to expand and advance, aiming to provide users with more suitable parts for production and use. Users in need can call 13928403383 to select a variety of styles of glue dispensing syringes. There are many specifications of glue storage syringes to choose from: 300 CC dispensing syringes, 400 cc, 450c. C, 600C c, etc.

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