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Fully automatic dispensing with a backdraft valve for stable

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The glue dispensing machine is mainly used in the production line which needs full automatic dispensing and glue filling. It is the leading equipment in the industry with the advantages of good precision control and low cost. The guarantee of stable dispensing is that its unique dispensing and backdraft valve is provided. This dispensing valve with backdraft function can ensure that the properties of products are not affected during high-speed filling, such as signal occurrence. It can be used in industries with high quality requirements such as dripping glue, filling of lightning protector and dispensing of varistor.
Reciprocating suction dispensing valve
Characteristics of Backdraft Valve
The glue dispensing machine can guarantee the quality of glue dispensing mainly by equipping a backdraft dispensing valve with the function of backdraft. The assembly of double cylinders is mainly for the enhancement of pneumatic driving and backdraft force. The glue extrusion is faster and the backdraft efficiency is higher. The top micro-control knob can control the glue dispensing effectively. The stainless steel has strong corrosion resistance and function after being made. Strengthen the service life of glue filling, the bottom interface is fine and compact, anti-deformation and fracture, to avoid the influence of the amount of glue on the glue filling.
Fully automatic glue dispensing machine
Effectiveness of Practical Operation
Take lightning protector filling as an example, lightning protection effect of insulation sealing should be achieved by glue filling. If imprecise filling or wire drawing problems occur, the application effect will be affected. At the same time, wire drawing problems during filling and filling will be alleviated. When the glue amount is too much, it may leak out and drip to the product surface, which will affect the integrity of the product and the normal use of dispensing machine. The backdraft function is special. To solve the problem of filling and dispensing, the practical effect of evenly, stably, efficiently and durably filling the finished product of lightning protector is achieved, which is the effect of the application of the backdraft dispensing valve in practical operation.
Pouring and dispensing of lightning protector for power supply
As a stable and wide applicability backdraft dispensing valve, it can play a significant positive role in lightning protection filling or in the application of bonding seals in a variety of electronic products. It is the best choice for dispensing dispensing machine.

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