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Introduction of metering dispensing valve used in visual dis

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The performance and application effect of visual dispensing machine is obvious to all. It is mainly used in batch production and high precision control production space. Selecting metering dispensing valve for quantitative control of glue quantity has both accuracy and efficiency, and assistant use of visual dispensing machine brings more possibilities for improving production line efficiency.
Micrometer metering dispensing valve
Brief introduction of metering dispensing valve
Most products of visual dispensing machine need fine and small dispensing points. Volumetric structure and stainless steel valve body can accommodate a variety of fluids for dispensing. The micrometer at the top can be adjusted to control the millimeter level of glue. Stainless steel is also used outside the valve, which is more durable and has good corrosion resistance. Therefore, this good chemical inertia can improve the service life of the valve. With good lifting effect, the end of the feeding port is connected with the hose for continuous glue feeding. A variety of medium and low viscous liquids including glue, such as ink, grease, solvent and other special water-borne liquids, can be used. Because metering dispensing valves have such characteristics, they can also be used in the glue filling of soft lamp strips.
Function diagram of metering dispensing valve
Control the glue quantity of soft lamp bar glue
The production glue filling of small size soft lamp bar can be accomplished by visual equipment. The glue control function of visual equipment for assembling metering valve is further developed. The path control on the operation platform and the glue valve are used to assist the millimeter-level fine adjustment to ensure that the glue quantity meets the glue filling manufacturing. The glue quantity can be adjusted by adjusting the micrometer on the top of the glue dispensing valve so that it meets the glue requirement of soft lamp bar. It is used in the glue filling of soft lamp bar.
Multi-type Lamp Filling Technology
The improvement of dispensing machine technology indirectly promotes the market trend of related equipment and accessories, and metering dispensing valve is gradually promoted by this trend.

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