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The quality of extrusion tube should be up to standard in or

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Extrusion cylinder, also known as dispensing syringe, is mainly used to store rubber and provide pressure-driven extrusion through an air compressor. It is an indispensable part of dispensing link. Manual operation or automatic equipment for contact dispensing are used in extrusion syringe. At present, the mainstream syringe in the industry is stainless steel syringe, which not only has good corrosion resistance, but also has control. Because of its high sensitivity and compatibility, it can be assembled and operated on automatic glue machine. It is suitable for production lines with high glue density and stability, such as potentiometer dispensing.
American stainless steel needle barrel
Recommended extrusion cartridge types
Most of the extrusion drums used in automatic gluer assembly are mainly stainless steel needles, while ordinary plastic drums are only suitable for use in links with less production demand. Taking potentiometer production line as an example, because the demand of potentiometer dispensing is the high consistency of output and quality, if ordinary plastic needles are used, the application effect will be poor, and the reaction speed will be certain. The degree of influence may lead to potentiometer dispensing, so it is important to choose a suitable extrusion tube.
All stainless steel needle barrel has good performance and characteristics, and can be used to store a variety of properties of fluid glue. It has wide application effect and strong stability. It is used for semi-finished products in contact dispensing with uniform and sensitive extrusion, and meets the quality of most users for product contact dispensing.
High-speed automatic glue machine
Problem analysis of operation
There are many kinds of problems when the extrusion cylinder is matched with the fully automatic glue machine. The problem is the main reason for the rate of defective products. Therefore, in inspection operation, for example, when dispensing glue to potentiometer, the glue should be evenly coated on the bonding surface. The appearance of bubbles affects the bonding strength of potentiometer. Generally speaking, all stainless steel cylinder has a strong corrosion resistance effect, and it is difficult to have defects. The problem of break leads to air bubbles in glue. If air bubbles appear in contact dispensing, it is probably that the air in the rubber drum is not exhausted completely, which affects the air tightness.
983 dispensing controller
Choosing the extrusion cartridge matched by the automatic glue machine should not only consider the applicability of the material, but also clarify the reasons that affect the sensitivity and application effect.

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