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Spot Glue Quality of Plastic Spotting Needle Applied Product

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Plastic dispensing needle is one of the most widely used accessories in automatic dispensing machine. It has the characteristics of quick disassembly, convenient use and low cost. It can be used to complete the work of fixing electronic products or dispensing on motherboard with high precision. The medium-sized automation in Shenzhen dispensing machine manufacturer can provide multi-specifications plastic dispensing needle, which is assembled on the full-automatic dispensing machine and plays its due executive effect. As a result, the common problems of poor sealing or non-gluing of syringes are related to dispensing needles, which can be solved as long as the problems related to operation are properly handled.
Plastic dispensing needle
Characteristics of plastic dispensing needle
As the name implies, the material of plastic dispensing needle is made of plastic. Compared with ordinary metal needle, the material of plastic dispensing needle is soft. The following benefits are good anti-scratch effect, good effect of dispensing on electronic motherboard, etc. The middle production provides various specifications of plastic dispensing needle for Shenzhen dispensing machine manufacturer to choose, enhances the scope of application and strengthens the use of it. Many households, in the use process to avoid bad sealing problems affecting the quality of electronic chip motherboard dispensing and other precision production.
Electronic motherboard dispensing requires precise consistency of glue quantity and high quality rate, so plastic dispensing needle should choose suitable specifications to improve the accuracy of controlling outflow quantity, avoid the problem of poor sealing of motherboard dispensing caused by improper glue quantity control, as a technical manufacturer of Shenzhen dispensing machine, it can provide a variety of accessories to strengthen the quality of dispensing.
Electronic motherboard dispensing
How to avoid the impact of the problem
Sometimes the main board dispensing will have bad sealing problems, which have a certain relationship with the dispensing needle. While checking the application effect of colloid, observe whether there is blockage inside the dispensing needle. For example, the colloid with poor fluidity may cause the poor efficiency of dispensing machine, and the problem of glue cylinder not being glued should be analyzed separately. The manufacturer of the medium-sized Shenzhen dispensing machine suggests that the problem of glue cylinder not It is analyzed and studied in depth from many aspects.
Stainless steel dispensing syringe
It may be the influence of blockage or the instability of air pressure that leads to rubber cylinder non-gluing. Sometimes the plastic dispensing needle will provide some residual glue in the flow of fluid glue. Long-term non-treatment will result in blockage and rubber cylinder non-gluing. Therefore, to prevent blockage flow poor, operators need to check the needle and air pressure and other problems. Low air pressure has poor fluid driving ability to strong viscosity, and rubber cylinder does not work. The problem with glue is roughly the same.

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