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Advantages and disadvantages of portable manual dispensing g

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Early factories used glue for coating mainly through manual dispensing mode. At that time, the accuracy control range was not accurate, and the high demand for the accuracy of the motherboard dispensing was often not fully applicable. The manual dispensing gun had the characteristics of lightness and simplicity. It was used in the motherboard and other production lines with high precision requirements. Medium-sized dispensing machine is a part of Shenzhen dispensing machine industry, which can provide a variety of automation. Equipment and tools needed for manual dispensing, including automatic dispensing machine including manual dispensing gun, plastic dispensing needle, stainless steel dispensing needle, rubber drum and many other dispensing products.
Hand-held manual dispensing gun
Attribute and Application of Manual Dispensing Gun
Selection of manual dispensing gun is mainly used in the simple dispensing links. There are advantages and disadvantages in practical application. The advantages lie in its lightness and ease of use. It can be operated without assembling plastic dispensing needle dispensing valve and many other accessories. It can be used for mixing medium-to-high ratio two-component glue. It can flow out glue by holding gun handle directly and pressing dispensing wrench. The preparation work is less and the application is relatively good. In order to be widespread, it is often used in rework or production work with low precision requirement in Shenzhen dispensing machine industry. The disadvantage lies in the limitation of precision control, such as the high precision of dispensing quantity required by the small structure of electronic parts of the main board dispensing glue dispensing machine, the weak consistency of dispensing quantity of manual dispensing gun, and sometimes the problems of no glue in the front end glue cylinder, etc., which are mainly caused by many problems. As a result, it directly affects the consistency and quality of products required for precision such as motherboard dispensing.
Plastic dispensing syringe
Manual dispensing gun operation
This dispensing gun can mix up to 10:1 ratio of two-component glue, the top is used to fix the fixed buckle of AB glue storage cylinder, the back end of the handle opening valve is used to control the switch of the handle, press the dispensing wrench to extrude the glue and press it when operating, without using plastic dispensing needle and other accessories, it can be used in most production lines requiring glue coating, as well as in some motherboard dispensing with low precision requirements. It works. The operation steps are as follows:
1. Push the stick on the tail of the rubber gun
2. Insert the push rod from the front after holding the stick to ensure that the push rod enters the rubber gun.
3. Fix the two-component rubber drum to the mounting interface of the rubber gun, so as to avoid the rubber drum from gluing due to improper installation.
4. Removal will be carried out according to the way of installation.
Two-component manual dispensing gun
The reason why the rubber drum is not glued is related to the installation. AB rubber drum must be attached to the interface of the dispensing gun, which causes the leakage of glue and the glue drum is not glued, while the two-component glue flow to the bottom of the plastic dispensing needle can not mix or even cause blockage. It needs to be mixed by static mixing tube, sometimes it is also one of the reasons for the glue drum not glued. These are the limitations of manual dispensing gun operation. Sex, users can call Shenzhen dispensing machine manufacturer if necessary: 13928403389.

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